DA 1034

A fairly harmless DA today. [Edit: then I remembered what was in it].

1) BAD-EGG : Bade,GG : as I've found out before, GG is not a horse but gee-gee is. Not even Big Macq has it so.
4) STUBBORN : buts<,born
10) see 2dn
11) SHTUM : s(h-------t)um : the word itself is a bit obscure, then add in the 'entirely' part, or, 'in sum'. I would expect 'in total' really. So I think this is slightly unfair.
12) ADDENDA : sadden,DA
13) NANKEEN : -n- -anke- -en- : discuss — is 'wanker' appropriate language for a Fairfax cryptic ? Look, I'm not a prude by any means, but I think it sits 'over the line' of acceptable. It wasn't necessary as 'banker' would've done the job, so it was a choice. It's like a child swearing for the attention they get.
14) SEER : hm(sere)
15) TAKES ROOT : takes,hm(route) : DA restrained himself I guess.
18) WHAC-A-MOLE : wha-,camisole : I'll trust that's how it's spelt.
20) COTE : Co,t-e
23) FELT TIP : felt,tip
25,21dn) CONTACT TRACING : contact,tracing
26) COVER : ddef : while 'on' is needed with 'report', it could be with 'fielder' but not necessarily.
27) IMPRECISE : (prices,me,I)* : decent, as I know the feeling.
28) DEAD SPOT : de(ad)spot
29) KNIGHT : crypdef : good misdirection, which you need for this clue type.

1) BOWMAN : bo(w--m)a,--n-- : thanks to DH here.
2,10ac) DONT DIE WONDERING : don,(indeed,two)*,ring
3) GREENER PASTURES : (argues,presenter)* : not bad.
5) TIGON : no,git <
6) BUSINESS CONCERN : some addition material to 13ac. 'business' meaning a no. 2
7) ON THE GO : (got,hen)*,O : don't think 'vet' is strong enough.
8) NOMINATE : --nom in a te-
9) CILANTRO : c,i(l-a-)ntro
16) KNEECAPS : knew,space<
17) TWO-FACED : (de,facto,w)* : 'became' is definitely not good enough.
19) ALLUVIA : all,U,via
21) see 25ac
22) AT BEST : at(t,b)est
24) PRIMO : prim,----o-

I can't rate a puzzle with poo and wanker in it very highly. It's not very classy. Plus some poor anagrinds and some other quibbles. I can only do 4.5/10.


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